How to Get a String’s Length with Javascript


Learn how to get a string’s length with a very simple Javascript property: length. This is really useful when you want to do, for example, field validations with JS; you evaluate the length and then do something.

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Four TomatoCart Responsive Templates Based on Bootstrap

The first responsive template for TomatoCart 1.1.8 are recently produced by ecommerce tools market. Running on responsive design, the site is supposed to be compatible with smartphone, tablet and computer, providing better user experience to mobile users. Using any of these templates will help you keep your customers happy, both on the computer and on the go! Learn More

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A Few Examples of Websites Powered by Silex

A few examples of websites powered by Silex

The video below shows some examples of websites powered by Silex. It provides you with a quick overview of what can be achieved with Silex for building your own website. Learn More

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