How to use IMAPSize to backup and restore your IMAP email account

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[1]IMAPSize is a freeware Windows application that allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your IMAP mail accounts“.

If you find that you need to backup your mailbox at your other hosting provider before you transfer it to Arvixe (or just need to backup your mailbox…), this post will show you how to setup, backup and restore your mailbox.

Note, that this must insure that you need to have an IMAP account/access to where your mailbox exists (not all hosting providers allow this, unlike Arvixe).

Warning: In any case, you should NOT delete the old account before you made sure that the restoration at the new server was completed successfully!
Warning: I found out that in some cases, Restore Backup won’t work and manual restoration of each folder is needed.

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How to use [list] to create sub-lists in an SMF forum post

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If you need to do this:

picture 1

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Assign a dedicated IP to a website in DNP (DotNetPanel)

When you purchase a hosting plan with us, you can also purchase a dedicated IP. You can then assign that dedicated IP to a website.
Usually, a dedicated IP is purchased to be used with an SSL certificate.

Note: a dedicated IP means dedicated. Meaning, if you use it on that one website, its only for that one website (hence, dedicated). If you give it to another website, then its no longer dedicated to a single website and will be considered shared IP.

Let me explain how you can assign it to a website.
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