Merging Text and Image in Newsletter Made Simple

I’m always looking for a nice and convenient way to apply complex imageprocessing to images without making use of third party tools. This time I want to apply a ramp and a textlayer to a campaign image in newsletter made simple. This tutorial is for experts!

We take this image: Learn More

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How to Add a Group Message Board in Elgg 1.8

Message board is a good tool for leaving a quick message in users’ profiles without reloading the page. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to add a group message board in elgg 1.8

1. First download the elgg community plugin “Message board with group message board option for Elgg 1.8” here Learn More

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How to Add a Placeholder with HTML5 to Form Fields


Now that HTML5 is becoming more and more compatible with web browsers, you should start thinking of adding placeholders to your form input fields. A placeholder is some text that is displayed when the form field hasn’t been clicked or has content in it. Here we have a picture of what a placeholder looks like in an input field:


Keep reading to learn how to do it by yourself! Learn More

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