SSL Web Hosting Service

Today’s information traveling over a website needs more security. The encryption of personal information of your visitors keeps your visitor feel secure and comfortable. When sharing information from your customers with you, they want to sure that they can trust you with the given details. This also ensures them that you are able to offer a good level of security to keep their information safe. This safety also does not have less importance when transmitting your data towards the visitor.

The SSL certificates are a way available for website owners to provide best level of security to their transmitted data by encrypting the data. This encryption ensure that in any case hacked data will be useless for the hacker. It also calm the visitor to put sensitive information on your web portal. Learn More

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Function to Generate a Copyright Since with PHP


When working with a website, I always try to make things the most automated I can so that I don’t need to be editing them often, that’s why here I present you a function I created that is used to return the years for the copyright notice, for example. It will print the year since the website started and the current year. Keep reading to see what I’m talking about!

1. Copy paste the following function to your functions file or, if you don’t have one, to the top of your PHP file. Learn More

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Blur and Desaturation Filter for Images by CMSms

One day I was looking for a VERY convenient way to let the user upload images in CMSMadeSimple with nice blur and desaturation filter without using third party tools. I came up with a very smart solution.

First, you might want to take a look to a real life example:
As you can see, the background image is b/w and has a slight blur on it. The source image for processing is: Learn More

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