TomatoCart is Building a Specific Edition for Arvixe Users

In the TomatoCart community, many users face the problem of installing languages packs and templates. In order to let the Arvixe users install the language packs and templates efficiently, TomatoCart is building a specific edition for Arvixe users.

In this specific edition, TomatoCart will pre-install two free templates that are based on the latest stable and security version. The following figure 1 displays the home page of the free TomatoCart game template that is completed for Arvixe. Learn More

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How to Make Comments Editable by Users in Elgg 1.8

Editing comments is a great feature that every Elgg network should have available. It enriches your site providing a more editable content for your use. This is a useful feature that any user of your Elgg network can appreciate, to correct any error on the typing or simply regret what he put on his comments. For that reason, in this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to make Comments Editable by users in Elgg 1.8

1. We will first download and install in the Mod folder on your Elgg site the plugin called ‘Editable Comments’, which you can download from here

2. Then, go to your Elgg network and sign in as an Administrator. Go to the Admin dashboard. Now, go to the Admin menu “configure -> Plugins”

3. Look for the plugin Editable Comments and click on activate to enable the plugin: Learn More

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What is CloudFlare?

Arvixe is happy to announce a new partnership with CloudFlare, the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we deliver their simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your website joins the CloudFlare community, it loads twice as fast and is protected from a range of online threats.

Getting started is super easy—you just need to log into your control panel and look for the CloudFlare icon. With two clicks, you can activate CloudFlare and your website will automatically be faster and safer around the world. Click here to learn how to setup CloudFlare on your Arvixe account. Learn More

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