How to Create or Modify PDF Form in

It seems like regularly something comes up in the programming world that is requested by a client that should be easy, ends up proving to take more time, more money or both. So it is nice to find a solution to a problem that IS easy. This article is to show you how easy it is to use web form to open up a PDF, set a value on a form and then send it back to the user’s browser. I have attached the project below if you want to download it. The first thing you need to do is go download iTextSharp.dll. I will be using visual basic (vb) for this project. Learn More

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Shipping Gateway You Could Use at TomatoCart Stores

At admin panel of TomatoCart stores, payment modules could be easily enabled. Currently there are six shipping modules available under admin>Modules:
Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Per Item, Table Rate, USPS(United State Postal Service) and Zone Rates.

Other payment gateway are developed and shared at Extension Manager at Learn More

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How to Change the PHP Version on Linux/cPanel Hosting

By default, our Linux accounts makes use of PHP 5.4.44 as not all scripts are compatible with higher PHP versions, However, If you wish to use a php version other than the default one then this blog was made for you.

To change php version for your account, you have two options:

1) You can change it using your .htaccess file.
For this, please see

Note: This can be done for just one domain or for the whole account. Learn More

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