SocialEngine 4: SMTP Setup

Are you Feed up of your SE E-mails going into SPAM and members not getting their messages as quickly as possible here is a guide how to setup SMTP so your e-mails should go right into the INBOX and not SPAM.

Use SMTP mail settings in your MAIL SETTINGS from admin panel

Create and email address for your se4 domain in hosting control panel Learn More

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How to Add Banners to Your Store

TomatoCart supports banners to be posted at store front-end. The Banners box module is available at:

After unzipping the package, there are three directories in it:

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How to Send Emails Using a Template in

Over the years sending email in has gotten easier and easier but the requirements have gotten more complex. I want to show you how to using the reference to send emails using templates. I have a client that wants someone to fill out their information and have all that data placed into an email and sent to them. By taking advantage of email templates inside of this becomes a lot easier to manage. I could just create an html page and highlight everything between the body tags and use that to build a very large string and use that to replace text and to send it. There are a couple of problems with this choice. Learn More

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