OpenCart – Condensing Language Strings (Smart Coding)

This article will be about one of the many tricks involved in writing clean condensed code when doing your own customizations within the Opencart framework. Since Opencart is an MVC-L there will be Language files involved if you are writing your own pages to echo on the front end. You should never hard code text directly into a .tpl (template file) because one “it is messy” and two it makes it difficult to track down and change later on whether it is you or the customer doing it. The first thing you do is create your own language file in the correct language directory. The easiest way to do that is to open up an existing file and just SAVE AS and rename it to that folder. This way you already have strings there you can just replace with your own so if we were looking in for example: catalog/language/english/account/account.php it would look like this: Learn More

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SocialEngine 4: SMTP Setup

Are you Feed up of your SE E-mails going into SPAM and members not getting their messages as quickly as possible here is a guide how to setup SMTP so your e-mails should go right into the INBOX and not SPAM.

Use SMTP mail settings in your MAIL SETTINGS from admin panel

Create and email address for your se4 domain in hosting control panel Learn More

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How to Add Banners to Your Store

TomatoCart supports banners to be posted at store front-end. The Banners box module is available at:

After unzipping the package, there are three directories in it:

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