mojoPortal Tips: Training Your Users

mojoPortal implementers are, for the most part, IT professionals or enthusiasts with a significant amount of experience and knowledge regarding content management systems and web applications.  Those same individuals can become extremely nonplussed when attempting to teach less tech-savvy users how to leverage this amazing system to support their business workflow, and benefit their business.

This can lead to lengthy e-mail exchanges, deep-breathing exercises, and a desperate longing for an extended soak in the sauna, accompanied by primal screaming. Let’s talk about some ways to avoid that stress level, and maintain a positive relationship with your users. Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Understanding Version Control in mojoPortal

Version control is one of the most excellent features in mojoPortal; not to be confused with the workflow features, but providing some of the same functionality in terms of rolling back content.

First, let’s cover how to activate version control site-wide in mojoPortal: Learn More

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mojoPortal Tips: Now with Sound and Motion!

In previous versions of mojoPortal, the only means of embedding video were offsite methods such as YouTube, or hand-rolling audio/video links that might or might not play on your computer. As of version, mojoPortal now offers the Audio Player and Video Player features, based on the JPlayer JQuery add-on. These features are based off the community addition by mojoPortal community member Kerry Doan.

Both players allow the creation of playlists, so that you can upload a series of audio or video clips to be played in a specified sequence. In addition, you can specify if the media should play automatically, or if the playlist is eligible to be played in random order (shuffle). For each instance of the player, you can also add introductory text via the “Content Settings” link. Learn More

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