How to Include the Admin Bar in a Template in Clip-Bucket v2


Somebody recently asked me how to add the admin bar in a Clip-Bucket v2 template, so here is the guide for everyone. Enjoy!

Difficulty level: Easy

If you are developing a template, I recommend you to add the code in the header.html, so the bar shows in all pages. If you want to display it in specific pages, only you can add the code to that specific page. Learn More

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My First Time Using Silex

What do I do now?

You have downloaded Silex and launched it in your browser. What’s next?

Access to your Manager

When you launch Silex, you arrive on a default publication: the “Silex business card”.
This publication is here as an example so that you can see how a publication is built. Don’t hesitate to play with it.
Till then, if you want to access your Manager, just click on the following icon: Manager icon

Your Manager is now opened! Learn More

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nopCommerce Tips: Creating a Custom Layout, Part 5 – Customizing the Nop AnyWhere Slider

Read Part 4 here!
Most designers/developers familiar with jQuery plugins have encountered, and most likely used, the fabulous Nivo Slider. It is absolutely possible to implement the Nivo Slider through a nopCommerce topic, to be incorporated in your nopCommerce solution – I’ve done it myself. However, that requires all sorts of manual manipulation of HTML, and can be incredibly tedious when multiple slides are included; it’s a pain for your users, and if you’re like me, the more they can do on their own, the more time there is to create even more wonderful things. Today, we’ll cover an alternative to the “roll-your-own” method: the Nop Anywhere Slider, and how to customize it to your design needs.

The Nop Anywhere Slider does contain two other slider styles: a standard 2D rotator, and a 3D rotator, but today we’ll focus on the Nivo Slider.

First, we’ll add the Anywhere Slider to our solution, in the “Plugins” folder under Nop.Web: Learn More

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