How to Add the Facebook “Like” Button for TomatoCart

There are currently more than 500 million active users spending over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, according to Facebook’s own data.

To convert those users into customers, you can add a “Like” button with Facebook’s API.

It only takes a few minutes to tap into the Facebook community. Learn More

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[HOW-TO] Improve video conversion quality in Clip-Bucket



This is a very discussed topic in the Video Sharing communities. I will tell you two easy and quick fixes that will improve your video conversion dramatically. Don’t expect to have a super fine output if your uploaded video has very low quality, remember that to have a HQ output, you must have a HQ input. Some fixes of this article can work for a lot of CB versions, even the 1.7.x branch, but it is written to work with v2.x. I recommend backing up the files we are going to edit in case you want to revert changes in the future. I recommend using a code editor.. I used to use Notepad++ when I coded in Windows, now I use gedit in my Ubuntu, you can use any editor you want.


Difficulty level: Easy.

Learn More

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