nopCommerce Tips: How To Set Up An Affiliate Program

NopCommerce is a very powerful and robust e-commerce application. More than just a shopping cart, it has many features a user can incorporate into their management strategy and leverage in order to generate additional sales. One of these features is the Affiliate Program; today, we’ll cover how to implement it in nopCommerce.

Log into your nopCommerce instance as an administrator; under the “Promotions” tab, select “Affiliates”. You’ll notice we don’t have any affiliates set up yet; we’re setting this up for a client as a complement to their overall marketing plan.

No Affiliates Yet

Next, we’ll click the “Add New” button.

Adding New Affiliate

After you’ve completed the appropriate fields, click “Save and Continue Edit”; once you’ve done so, you’ll see that you have two new tabs – ‘Affiliated Customers’ and ‘Affiliated Orders’. This is how you’ll be able to determine your affiliate’s revenue-generation effectiveness, and how much they’ve earned via your program.

You’ll also notice that there’s now an “Affiliate URL” – this is the link your affiliates will use to refer site traffic to your nopCommerce store. NopCommerce will track users who are directed to your site using this URL; the ones who register with the site will show up under the “Affiliated Customers” tab, and their orders under the “Affiliated Orders” tab.

How will your affiliates use this URL? It’s a good idea to create standard-sized graphics (125×125, 468×60) consistent with your branding for your affiliates to use on their own sites; use a nopCommerce topic to make these images available, with instructions on how to edit the link for their use.

At this time, nopCommerce doesn’t generate affiliate payout reports; you’ll need to export the data per affiliate, and manage the payout amounts as you’ve established in your affiliate agreement. If you’d like more information on how to create your affiliate plan, here are some resources:

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

Paying Affiliates: How Much?


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