Modifying a domain’s Name Servers

Modifying the Name Servers of your domain is a simple task. First go to in your browser then enter your user name and password  as seen below.

Billing loginYou are now in the billing panel and will want to click on *Domains* in the bottom right corner under the “Accounts Info:” header. All the domains you have under your Arvixe account will show in this area.

Billing Home

Find the domain you want to edit (Left Image)and click on Expand for that domain’s extended information and renewal options (Right Image). This will give you all the information you need to configure your domain. To edit the Name Servers click the *Go* button next to “Domain Management:”.

Domains Domain's Info

The page that pops up will allow you to edit the DNS information and the owner information of the domain (Left Image). To change the Name Servers go to the “DNS Information” section and click on the “Edit” button below it. This will allow you to change the Name Servers to what you want them to be. If you want to edit the owner information, click on “Contact Information”. This will let you change the domain contact information (Right Image).

DNS Contact Info

If you have any questions about modifying the DNS let us know.

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11 Comments on Modifying a domain’s Name Servers

  1. Satish Sharma says:

    Has the author of this blog tried to EVER read it?

    The screens are UNREDABLE .. please .. if you want to help .. help but confuse your customers.
    And I believe this screen is most likely OBSOLETE.

    • mike.hoffman says:


      You are correct. This post is 18+ months old, and we have in fact updated this functionality. The text provided should be good enough directions to find the page, but for the sake of customers who may not be english speaking, I will update the images to be larger. You can check back on this post now and let me know if it looks good for you.

      Thanks for your feedback,


  2. I did not registert my domain on arvixe, cause it already existed. my registrar for my domain changed the DNS, like told in your welcome message. I transferred all my files to /publich_html and I created the new databases and imported my database sql-backups successfully … but there is still the screen ” This domain is beeing hosted on Arvixe. This site is currently under construction…. ”

    What do I have to do, to make my site work again?

  3. … I transferred all my files to /public_html…..

  4. I really need a domain point server to forward my new domain to arvixe

  5. I’m not getting anywhere with the chat help, so I’ll try here: I have a domain, then build a subdomain to design a better site without tampering with the published domain till I was ready to make the switch (as instructed to do my someone on the help phone line). Now, I have a subdomain that I want to make into my domain, and I’m a LOST LUDDITE, and chat help keeps telling to me do stuff as if I should know what they’re talking about, or tell me to contact my webmaster. My what? Just me here, no IT, and no clue.

  6. sanu dutta says:

    The content looks outdated, author needs to update it asap!

    • Alex Alex says:


      The procedure is pretty much the same just with 1 less click (into the domain management interface). I will have this article scheduled for an update though.



  7. hello
    i bought a vps fromm microsoft azure, but i have only 1 ip,
    i want set ip
    but i can not set ip to my domain.

    • Alex Alex says:


      I am not sure what you’re trying to achieve here. Can you please create a ticket with our support department (support @ elaborating on the issue you’re experiencing?



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