Language Packs in Elgg

Elgg is provides several key features, one of them is the ability to offer your network in several languages via Language Packs. Language Packs are available for download at the Elgg community site. There are language packs for the core and they are usually installed in the languages directory off the elgg root directory. Other language packs are provided for various plugins. Generally, the authors make it easy to copy those files into the languages directory of each plugin under the mod directory. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to properly install language packs in elgg.

1. First, search for a language pack. You can get one at the languages section of the elgg community.  In this example we are go to install a Spanish version (Version en Español).

download language pack elgg arvixe

Note: You can select any language pack, or install several at once.

2. Backup your elgg network with Softaculous.

3. Once you download the core package that you want to install, unzip the file in the root folder (Where elgg is installed). This part sounds a little bit tricky but it isn’t. You won’t overwrite any of the elgg files or folders.

4. Log into elgg as an Administrator. Go to the Administration Dashboard and then go to menu “Configure > Settings > Basic Settings” to change the display language:

change language basic settings elgg

5. The Basic Settings will have a drop-down menu with all the languages available. In this case, we will select the language that we just installed(Spanish), and save the changes:

selecting language elgg arvixe

6. Go back to the Administration Dashboard and click on  “Flush the Cache” and then on “Upgrade”:

upgrade views script elgg arvixe

7. And that’s it! You properly installed a language pack in elgg!

elgg arvixe language displaying

Note: This doesn’t translate the content published by you or your users, it will translate the navigation menu, titles, etc.

This concludes Language Packs in Elgg

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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