4 Comments on Install Python 2.7 to your Account on Linux

  1. Andy says:

    I successfully installed Python and can use it for simple programs, so I think it’s working correctly. I also installed pip and it’s working.

    My problem is that when I need a module such as “requests” I can install it with pip, but python never sees it and continues to give me the environment error “no module xxx”

    Any ideas?

  2. Ray says:

    I am following your instructions and I have Python installed and working fine. When I try to install pip I am getting the following error:
    “OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/pip-7.1.0.dist-info'”
    Do I need some other permissions?

    • Alex Alex says:


      Can you please try reaching out to our support team (support [at] arvixe.com)? They should be able to assist you with this.



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