7 Comments on Setup MXGuardDog to Fight Spam on Windows Accounts

  1. Bill Bowman says:

    While looking up how to set up my email on my domain, this blog came across. Initially I thought I was in over my head. But with such a well explained and easy to follow explanation of the setup. I am more confident than ever that I will pull it off.

  2. Keith Kramis says:

    This was very easy to setup. The jury is out on how well it will work, but anything is better than the spam that was flowing through my mail server and forwarded and not caught by gmail.

  3. Hans says:

    I’m trying to set this up, but except the homepage, the rest of the site is completely blank(?)

  4. Hans says:

    I just found out what may have been the problem. I filled in a Name value in the DNS records. After I removed these, all seems to work. So apparently you have to keep the Name of the MX records blank.

  5. Zeeshan says:

    we have to pay amount after 1 month? or this is free for arvixe customers?

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