How to Setup for Webmail in cPanel

It may seem like a minor thing to some people, but the default webmail redirect on linux accounts is http://<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com/webmail .
Some people prefer or insist on using http://mail.<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com/ . This article will describe how to set that up.

Start by logging into your cPanel.

The first step from there is to delete the current DNS entry for You can do this through the Advanced DNS Editor:

Delete the CNAME

If you have multiple domains, please make sure you select the proper one at the top of the screen. And don’t worry about email not working, we will be replacing this entry through the next steps anyways.

Once this is done, you can proceed to the Subdomains section where you will create a new subdomain for mail.<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com:

The document root isn’t important, so just leaving the default should be fine.

Once the sub-domain is created, you will see it listed at the bottom of the same page.

Click the Manage Redirection button there:

…and enter http://<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com/webmail in the box, then click Save:

Now you can point a web browser at http://mail.<YOUR_DOMAIN>.com/ , and you will be presented with the webmail login:

These steps can be used and modified to redirect just about any url, but mail seems to be the most common request and is one of the simplest to accomplish.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you found this helpful.

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