11 Comments on How to Setup CloudFlare on Your Arvixe Account

  1. Jan says:

    Is this CloudFlare for Linux-hosting only? I can not find de CloudFlare-icon in my websitepanel…

  2. Cris says:

    Since i join CloudFlare the time of my videos it’s being limited, for example if a video takes 12 minutes, now with cloudflare takes just 5, how i can fix it?

  3. Curtis says:

    This is not cool and a seems a little bit bias. How is it that a solution could be found to automate the process for linux cpanel users but none could be found for ASP hosting.

    If you’re gonna make an offering make sure its equitable and applicable for all your customers, not only one set. Is it that linux hosting users are treated with more priority than ASP users. I don’t understand how you could really offer a service to one set of your customers, automate that process of acquiring the service, and tell a next set of your customers “you can get the same service as we offer to our linux customers, but go do it yourself.”


    I am not impressed.

    • Noah S says:


      We are sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately this is not something we have any control over. The plugin for the cPanel was developed by CloudFlare not Arvixe. From CloudFlare’s site: We have plugins for cPanel, Parallels Plesk Panel 11 or 10.4, Interworx, ISPSystems, and Parallels Automation, which means that if you’re using one of these control panels, then you can test CloudFlare within five minutes. There may be a point in the future where Arvixe could develop a plug-in for our ASP servers, but that requires a large amount of testing to make sure it meets the security standard.


  4. Noah S says:

    Hi Curtis,

    We have posted a walk-through for setting up CloudFlare on an ASP account:



  5. Nancy Hankin says:

    What is the cost to have CloudFlare? Furthermore, if I understand this correctly, it uses FLASH and Flash is NOT supported on IPads and IPhones. Many of my clients use Apple Smart Devices. Therefore, I do not see the benefit of CloudFlare on my websites.

    • Noah S says:

      Hi Nancy, There is a free version of CloudFlare and that can be signed up right through your cPanel account (Linux hosting accounts). There are also paid plans which can be seen here: https://www.cloudflare.com/plans . CloudFlare doesn’t use Flash unless your site does so that would not be an issue. Regards.

  6. Vince Bodie says:


    I don’t see this option in my cPanel. I have a VPS account. Is this for shared plans only?


    • Alex Alex says:


      If you create a ticket (support [at] arvixe.com) we can install Cloudflare on your VPS and would be free.



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