How to Setup a Multi-Store using nopCommerce

Today I would like to run through setting up a multi-store using nopCommerce on Arvixe hosting.

1) Make sure your main store is setup and working before attempting to setup a second store.
Please NOTE: If you would like to install SSL certificate(s) on your store(s), you will need to make sure your website is setup on a dedicated IP.

Domain setup on dedicated IP

Domain setup on dedicated IP

2) Create your second store within the first in the nopCommerce Administrative area (Configuration >> Stores). It should look something like this:
NOTE: If you want to setup a third store, go ahead and do that here also.

Adding secondary store on nopCommere

Adding secondary store on nopCommere

3) Once that’s added, go back to your control panel and add a domain pointer for your second store.
NOTE: If you’ve added a third store, you will need to create a domain pointer for that as well.

Adding a Domain Pointer

Adding a Domain Pointer

That’s it. At this point the multi-store should be working on both domains.

In order to setup SSL on both domains, you will need one dedicated IP on the MAIN store already setup. You will also need a SSL certificate for each individual store domain. Please contact sales[at] to order your certificates and dedicated IP address. Once that’s completed, Arvixe support will setup your certificates on each domain with SNI (Server Name Indication).

Any problems/questions, please contact the Arvixe support team.

Thank you!

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