How To Reset Admin Password in TomatoCart

When you forget admin password, you could reset by using ‘Forget Your Password?’ function.

I just found this:

“I have tried logging in to my Tomato Cart account and it says the password and username are wrong. I don’t know why this would be as I wrote it down when I signed up. I clicked the Forgot my Password link but when I give the email address even that says my address is not on the system.”

Here is the solution.

1. Download reset_password.php file.

Download from

2. Put the file into the root directory.

And then please run the file to reset the admin password. For example, if your store address is, you could run the file via If it is all good, a fresh administrator account will be added for your admin panel automatically. You will see the following information:

How To Reset The Admin Password 1

3. Failed?

If you see the following information, it means the reset action failed. It might be due to something wrong in the database. Contact for technical support. Or come to me.

How To Reset The Admin Password 2

As soon as you have logged in the admin panel, don’t forget to modify the password and email address under Tools->Administrators module.

How To Reset The Admin Password 3

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