6 Comments on How to Replace the default Elgg 1.8 Title with an Image

  1. martin says:

    Hello, please help, this does not work for me, i don’t know why i have done everything fine i am really struggling with this, i would like to show both a logo and site title, but currently can’t get a logo to show, i have checked paths and filenames and everything.

  2. Rodolfo Hernandez Rodolfo Hernandez says:


    What version of elgg are you using? Probably the quotes. Instead of straight copy and paste, please rewrite the double quotes. Sometimes that happens.

    Rodolfo Hernandez
    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  3. martin says:

    Hello, no worries all sorted, did this http://elgghacks.com/edit-elgg-header/

  4. A very nice php trick to edit this one , I was looking for this one and finally got it.

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