How to Install WordPress From Your WebsitePanel Using Microsoft Web App Gallery

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to install WordPress from your WebsitePanel.

Sign into your WebsitePanel and follow these steps:

1) Click Domains

2) Click Add Domain

3) Click Sub-domain

4) Enter the name of your sub-domain. For this example, we will be using “wordpress” as the sub-domain name

5) Click Add Domain

6) Click Microsoft Web App Gallery in the Hosting Space Menu on the left

7) Find and click WordPress

8 ) Click Next

9) Select the sub-domain you just created

10) Enter a name for your database into the Database Name box

11) Enter a name for your user into the Database User Name box

12) Enter a password for your user into the Database Password box

13) In the next 4 boxes, you may enter unique phrases to strengthen your security

14) Click Install

15) You will then get a confirmation that your installation is complete

This concludes how to install WordPress from your WebsitePanel.

Once your installation is complete, your new WordPress page will look like this:

To see a WordPress site before installing it, visit and use the username “worduser” with the password “Test1234″

Does the sub-domain show the default Arvixe page? Click HERE to fix it.

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9 Comments on How to Install WordPress From Your WebsitePanel Using Microsoft Web App Gallery

  1. Rony says:

    Dear Sir
    I followed the steps written in this blog to install wordpress on a sub domain. My domain is and my subdomain is, but unfortunately I could not find your 6 step as described above there were no such button “microsoft web app gallery” in the left panel?!

    Could you assist me?
    thanks, Rony

  2. Tim says:

    These instructions work fine as far as they go. I have successfully completed this much of the WordPress install a number of times. However, on first visit to the site, WordPress displays its own installation page, asking for a site name and admin password. When I complete the form and click to continue, a blank step 2 page is displayed. The site exists, but when I try to log in, access is denied. When I check the database, I can see that no admin account has been created. It looks like the installation process does not quite do everything it needs to do.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Just a note for anybody else trying this… When I first launched WordPress, I got a 403 Forbidden error. If you also see this, you can fix by adding index.php as a default document.

    1. From the panel, choose “Web sites”
    2. Select your site
    3. Add index.php to the list of default documents and save

  4. shaikh says:

    Very useful post. I really appreciate your blog.

  5. Hi
    I followed the given steps. But, after the installation,it is not working for me.

    • Noah S says:

      Have you submitted a ticket to support[@] Arvixe does one free install of a script for our new customers. One thing to note through that if you are only using wordpress it is strongly recommended that you use a Linux account instead of an ASP account.

  6. i have installed the wordpress from microsoft word gallery but when i try to access the site the error shoots up – 403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    Please help

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