How to install new skins for b2evolution

Different Skins

Different Skins

Visually Improving your Blog

Tried of the way the basic b2evolution skin looks? Install some new skins to add more diversity to your blog. b2evolution (which from now on I will refer to as b2) has some good features that allow a lot of customization for your blog. One of the features actually allows you to have multiple skins available to your readers. We will cover this at the end of the article.


Skins for b2 can be found all over the internet. A place that has a good choice of them is This is the home of b2evolution. For this example I have chosen Gossip_city.

1.Once you have chosen a skin, download it to your desktop. Unzip/unpack the file. Make sure that the folder that you unpacked has the files in it. If you open the folder to the skin and there is an another folder, make sure that the folder inside the first folder is the one you will be uploading.

Example I unpacked Gossip_city and the path to the files was Gossip_city/Gossip_city/ so I used the Gossip_city that had the actual files in it not the folder.

2. Open your FTP program and log on to your account.

3.Locate the skins directory which b2 was installed. Then put the folder you unzipped into the skins directory. I uploaded Gossip_city into my skins directory.


Step One:

Log on to your blog admin page at: directory path/admin.php.   Enter your user name and password here. This will allow you to edit all the features that come with b2.



Step Two:

Admin Dash

Admin Dash

After logging in you will see the administartor page display. You can view a sample of it by clicking on the picture to the left. The b2 admin page gives the user a lot of  control of how the blog works we are just going to be focusing onthe skins part so click on the tab marked Global Settings and after it loads click on Skins install.

Installing New Skins

Installing New Skins

You will then see a list skins, above that list on the right hand side is a link Install New. Click on this and you will go to the page that shows skins that can be installed. The skin that you loaded through FTP should show up here. If it doesn’t make sure that you uploaded it into the right FTP folder. Click on the Install NOW! link below the skin that you want to install. As you can see in the photo below I am installing Gossip_city as my skin.

If the skin loads correctly then you will have a bunch of green lines of text at the top of the page. The last one will say skin installed. You then will want to click on Blog Settings (at the top) and select which blog (A, B, etc…) you would want. Then click on Skin and click on the picture of the blog. Voila, you are done.

Gossip City

Gossip City

Your blog now has a different skin. You can perform the same exact steps to add more styles to your blogs.

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  1. Isaura says:

    I’ve tried for hours to change/install in skin, it won’t accept php file, what am I doing wrong

  2. tanveer says:

    nice templates my web site also make in b2 evolutions and this site many helps me

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