8 Comments on How to Easily Receive 10% Off Your Hosting Account By Linking to Arvixe

  1. Ujjwal Kumar says:

    Will the discount increase if I add links on two of my websites?

    • You will receive a 10% discount on your entire account for placing the link on your main domain. The discount will not increase for placing it on more than one website, although we would love if you spread the Arvixe name :)

  2. Steve Fabian says:

    Do VPS hosting accounts also qualify for the discount?

  3. soda says:

    i having difficulties inserting the code into my website. please help me

  4. Kenneth says:

    It’s still not working!!! I have it on the page twice.

  5. Noah S says:

    Hi Kenneth, Please e-mail support@arvixe.com and we will be able to assist you. We will need to check your website to see what the issue is. Regards.

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