Add the Category to Window Title When Watching a Video in Clip-Bucket v2


A few days ago, I was asked for a way of displaying the name of the category along with the video title in the <title></title> tags. Here’s the code so everyone can enjoy it! Tested under v2.6.


1. Open ./watch_video.php

2. Find:


and before that, paste:

$catsarr = explode(' ',$vdo['category']); //Explode DB cats, they're in format: #1# #2# #43#
$firstcat = str_replace('#','',$catarr[0]); //Remove #
$catarr = get_category($firstcat); //Fetch cat array
$catname = $catarr['category_name']; //We just need the category name

Assign('catname',$catname); //Assign it so we can use it in our template

3. Save and Upload.

1. Open ./styles/{YOURTEMPLATE}/layout/global_header.html

2. Find:


and replace it with:

<title>{cbtitle}{if $catname} - {$catname}{/if}</title>

3. Save and Upload.

There you go. Whenever you are watching a video, it will display the category name inside the title. If the video pertains to multiple categories, it will just show the first category. Should you have any questions or comments, please post them down below.

Best Regards.


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