How to Add Addon Domains to Your Website Using cPanel

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to add Addon Domains to your website from your cPanel.

Sign into your cPanel and follow these steps:

1) Go to Domains and click Addon Domains

2) Enter the new desired domain name (this will automatically fill in the Username and Document Root boxes, but you may change them if you like)

3) Enter the desired password

4) Click Add Domain

5) You will then get a confirmation page saying that your additional domain has been created

This concludes how to add Addon Domains to your website from your cPanel

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10 Comments on How to Add Addon Domains to Your Website Using cPanel

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  2. Randon Singh says:

    Have $7 plan monthly offering 6 add on domain, but when i am trying to add it denies and says wrong ftp or subdomain. Two add on done but says this error while adding 3rd add on domain.

  3. Sanchita says:

    thanks a lot. problem solving is a breeze on arvixe. i m just loving it

  4. Ashik Rahman says:

    i registered a domain with godaddy and i wanna add the domain in my arvixe hosting plan. How may i do this?

  5. Yes, but check first if you want to add the domain as a subdomain to later use in WordPress multi-user sites or not. Because in the latter case you need to make sure it is not using a subdirectory, which would be the standard cPanel configuration. And having said that when I have had to create many subdomains in one go (e.g. with a self-hosted WP blog network for scientific collaboration on a larger project, I discovered one could copy the cPanel HTML source code, use a mail merge and then have a multiple form where one then only has to push the “button” for each subdomain and creates them about ten times faster than having to call the subdomain form every time from scratch. Maybe it can be automated further using GET and PUT, but I didn’t want to mess up things.

  6. sudheesh says:

    i purhased one domain and i want know about how to host it

  7. Zoe says:

    I have a host account and a parked domain, I want to have a website for the parked domain with URL like, how to do that?

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