How to Add a Subdomain Pointer in Website Panel

A subdomain pointer allows you to point multiple domain names to the same website, and you can do this very easily in WebsitePanel. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to add a subdomain pointer in Website Panel

1. Sign into your WebsitePanel

2. Go to Web and then click on Websites:

websitepanel websites

3. Click on the name of the website where you will add the pointer:

choosing domain websitepanel

4. Now, click on Add Web Site Pointer:

websitepointer websitepanel

5. Type the name of the pointer, and to save, click Add pointer:


And that’s it! You have a new website domain pointer

This concludes How to add a subdomain pointer in Website Panel

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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2 Comments on How to Add a Subdomain Pointer in Website Panel

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Thanks for information.

    My site has a desired subdomain which i added ( per your instructions. However, I want to change the url the new subdomain points to (another web folder). Control Panel will not let me change. DO I have to remove the old one? Cpanel will not let me.

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