How to Add a Sub-Domain to Your Website Using WebsitePanel

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to add a sub-domain to your website using WebsitePanel

Sign into your WebsitePanel and follow these steps:

1) Click Domains


2) Click Add Domain


3) Click Sub-Domain


4) Enter the desired sub-domain


5) Click Add Domain


This concludes how to add a sub-domain to your website using WebsitePanel

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8 Comments on How to Add a Sub-Domain to Your Website Using WebsitePanel

  1. sudhansu says:

    when i add a subdomain. it does not allow me to point to a directory in my own domain space. how to do that

    • Subdomains created as websites will have their own root. If you wish to have a subdomain go to a directory that exists under a current domain, you’ll have to add the subdomain as an alias (website pointer) under the actual website and use Rewrite rules within your web.config to point it to the specific directory.

  2. rudraksha says:

    Your suggestion helps here to resolve the problem. But still have one doubt.
    (1) When we are adding a subdomain then we should have control in domain level to point it to theright directory. rather currently we have to have a hosting space and there we need to point it to a new directory. it is not seo friendly.

    • Subdomains are treated as complete websites in Websitepanel. You can add a subdomain as a website alias to a specific website but then you’ll need to use rewrite rules within your web.config to route the traffic. I don’t believe either behavior has anything to do with SEO.

  3. Yes. There is nothing to do with SEO. SEO is content dependent.

  4. Jon Barnes says:

    can you explain how to add a sub-domain and then add a website pointer for that sub-domain to an existing website?

  5. manoj says:

    How to create a subdomain in websitepanel if TLD is hosted with other server [Cpanel]. In Cpanel I have created A-record to point to websitepanel IP address

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