How do manage your domain(s) DNS records

Domains purchased from or transferred to Arvixe can be managed by yourself.

Do NOT do this if you do NOT know what you are doing or your sites and domain related services (email, ftp etc.) will break and stop working normally!

Some DNS changes cannot be done here, so if this isn’t what you are looking for, come back to Arvixe’s support and we’ll assist you.

If you are looking for how to change DNS records (A, CNAME, TXT) in your cPanel see our latest blog post with updated instructions:


Tip #1: At Photo3 you can see at the top-left Contact Information. That’s where you can update the contact details of your domain. It is an ICANN regulation and can be found on the ICANN FAQs.

Tip #2: As you can see in Photo2 you can set Private Registration ON/OFF and send yourself the Authorization Key/EEP (If you have made payment for it before taking it away from Arvixe and/or 60 days have passed since registering/transferring it to Arvixe).

  • Log into your billing account.
  • Under Accounts Info: click on Domains.
  • After that, you’ll see a page like Photo1. Click the domain name to expend and reveal that domain (there may be more then one, if you purchased/transferred more then one).
Domain Names


  • It should look something like Photo2. Click the Go button.


  • Photo3 You are in the Domain Management. Click the Edit button to “open up” the ability to change DNS records.


  • Photo4, First change the DNS Settings from Custom to Default then click Save.


  • Photo5, You can click Edit under Host Records and start editing your DNS records :)


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10 Comments on How do manage your domain(s) DNS records

  1. I adore your weblog greatly. Will bookmark. Keep up to excellent info on it. Gracias

  2. Manish says:

    What if GO button is not available and there I can see View/Edit DNS info. I need to change it to GO button and edit some of the contact info. How can I do that?

    • With our new registrar agreement, the go button is no longer there but you can alter the dns servers right there on that same page. For contact update, simply update your contact information under “contact info” in billing and under any of your domains, hit the update contact info button. Your profile at the registrar will be updated.

  3. Andy Sousa says:

    How come I do not see this option under my DNS management. I was looking to make some changes to my cname and mx records.

  4. Paul Yolles says:

    Does “parking a domain” mean the same thing as accepting the default (Arvixe’s) nameservers?

  5. Claire says:

    Like Andy Sousa, I can’t see those options under my DNS management either. Arvixe support directed me to this page today (November 2011) when I contacted them about changing the A record for my domain, however this information seems to be wildly out of date (published September 2009). If you are having trouble changing your A record for a domain you have registered through Arvixe, you are not alone!

  6. Mike Hoffman says:

    Claire and Andy,

    Sorry about this. Our UX does change from time to time. Allow me to look into this further over the course of the evening and see if we can make some updates to the steps above. Thanks for your patience. I will comment again once I have anything else to report.

  7. Mike Hoffman says:

    Hello fellow hosters.

    I have written an updated article explaining how to change DNS records for your Arvixe account. This is instructions for a Linux cPanel hosting account.

    Happy hosting!

  8. Chris Kanieski says:

    But this article on DNS changes
    appears to only apply to hosting services. What if we don’t use your hosting and only have a domain registered with you? How can we make changes to the DNS records?

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