How Do I Transfer a Domain Name?

Nowadays, transferring a domain name from one registrar to another is a very simple process. You will be compelled to transfer your valuable domain name because the other registrar is offering you a good price for its renewal with numerous payment options.

You need to make sure that the domain you are transferring is active. You will not be able to transfer domain names which are over 35-45 days from the date of its original expiry date.

Please consult the official documentation of your new registrar for more information regarding the transfer of expired domain names.

You should first make sure that the administrative e-mail for the domain for which you are going to initiate transfer is that of yours and is an active e-mail. Moreover, the domain name should not be locked. If it is locked then unlock and enable the domain before you proceed with the transfer process.

You should also know the domain secret of your domain name, which can be obtained by logging into the domain control panel. If you don’t have access to control panel dashboard then ask the company which registered the domain name for you.

It is not possible to proceed with the transfer process if you don’t have the domain secret code.

Domain Transfer Checklist

(1) Verify the expiry date of your domain name

(2) Verify the admin e-mail mentioned on the whois page is active and accessible.

(3) Verify if the domain is not locked

(4) Obtain Domain Secret either through your existing domain control panel or your service provider

(5) Initiate the domain transfer process

(6) Wait for 5-10 days for the transfer process to get completed

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  1. Cary Johnson says:

    I just completed the process of transferring a domain name I had at Bluehost and which points to arivxe nameserver to my website here: motorcycle-motorscooter news. I want seniorsonscooters as a sub-domain of my website at arivxe. I am wondering if it came through correctly. 12/11/14 Thanks, Cary

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