Getting to Know the New Dolphin 7.1 Blog Module

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at the of the new Dolphin 7.1 blog module. It has a few new bells and whistles and a sleek new look.

The blog homepage now has a fancy calendar and also predominantly displays the associated blog picture.

Dolphin 7.1 Blog Page

Dolphin 7.1 Blog Page

The individual blog entry also has a new look and is slightly rearranged from the old module.

The blog listing on the homepage also displays the image and looks similar to the design of other popular content management systems.

Dolphin 7.1 blogs on homepage

Dolphin 7.1 blogs on homepage

This new blogging system is more visually appealing and shows a lot of promise. It will be available as part of the upcoming 7.1 Dolphin release.

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