Elgg 1.9 Mobile and Stream Features

Having a mobile version in elgg 1.8 was not an easy task to do. Even though there are some plugins that will make your site responsive, there were some conflicts that affected the functionality of some plugins. The upcoming version of elgg will be fully compatible with mobile devices. In this article I will review some of the new features that elgg 1.9 will have and the impact on server usage.

Elgg 1.9 | Responsive Mobile view

Elgg 1.9 | Responsive Mobile view


Elgg 1.9 will boost a new theme that will be fully responsive out of the box. This will add mobile compatibility, since it will adapt to any screen size. Starting 1.9 all themes will be required to be responsive.


Elgg will be optimized using a better cache for css and views. You won’t have to refresh the page to see new activity, it will load automatically using ajax, which will decrease server load out of the box.


Themes for 1.8 will be compatible with elgg 1.9; same goes for plugins, except for few that will have to be rewritten. All core plugins have been formatted to be responsive as well, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Finally server usage. Elgg 1.9 has improve the way it works. Now it has less server calls and a better way to handle error logs and errors itself. This new release will help you build a lightweight but powerful network.

This concludes Elgg 1.9 Mobile and Stream Features

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