DNP (DotNetPanel) – Setup Google Apps MX, CNAME and SPF records

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Since Google Apps is one of the best (if not the best) email services out there, here is how you can setup your domain, which you have its DNS managed by Arvixe, to point to Google.

This blog post presumes you’ve already setup your Google Apps account and that you are just now doing the finishing touches (ie. final DNS settings to have Google handle your emails). If you’ve setup your Google Apps account correctly, this final step will put the finishing touch and allow Google to handle all your emails needs.

For this to be done, you’ll need to setup three DNS records:

  1. MX records, thus telling the world, who handles email for your domain (ie. Google).
  2. CNAME record, so that if you type (replace yourdomain with your own domain name – like, it points to Google Apps login page.
  3. SPF record to tell the world that Google is allowed to handle emails for your domain (this helps other mail servers know that Google is allowed and thus, help prevent filtering emails from you as spam).

Note: the links above point to Google’s own help articles, respectively.

Edit DNS zone records:

MX Records:

  • Click the pencil icon to the left of the first MX record to set the default record to a higher value (higher means lower priority), we don’t want to delete it, since we don’t want to interrupt current mail connectivity if such exists (picture 1)
    picture 1

    picture 1

  • Change current value of 10 (ten) to 20 (twenty) and click Save (picture 2)
    picture 3

    picture 2

  • Now go to Google’s MX Records page and begin entering new records, one at a time. Click Add record (picture 4)

    picture 3

    picture 3

  • Pick MX from the drop-down box, enter the record in the Record Data field and enter the priority in the MX Priority field (picture 4)
    picture 4

    picture 4

  • Repeat this step for all the MX records that Google provide in the aforementioned link.
  • Note: Don’t enter the . (period) at the end of each record (as Google says, since our DNS doesn’t need it.
  • At the end, you should have something like (picture 5)
    picture 5

    picture 5

CNAME Record:

SPF Record:

  • Google recommends that you add the following SPF record to your DNS zone. Click Add record, pick TXT from the drop-down box, copy/paste the record into the Record Data field (picture 1)
    v=spf1 ~all

    picutre 1

    picutre 1

End result (after MX, CNAME and SPF):

After all said and done, you can always ask Arvixe’s support to review your dns zone and make sure you did it correctly, this is what we should see, if you did it all right (picture 1)

picture 1

picture 1

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13 Comments on DNP (DotNetPanel) – Setup Google Apps MX, CNAME and SPF records

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  2. Anonymous says:

    SPF Record:

    “~all” means that any server is allowed to send the e-mails, therefore, it doesn’t protect the sender domain. So, in order to protect the sender domain — the idea behind SPF –, use “-all” instead. “-all” means that e-mails are only valid when sent by a server listed in the SPF string.

    • Before using “-all” it is very important to understand the implications of doing that. If you are not using the same server as your incoming mail to send mail out, you would need to specify that server in the SPF record. So, if a third party or your ISP is being used to send mail out, either a proper SPF record needs to be setup or if you don’t have enough knowledge to do so, use “~all”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re absolutely right, Arvand! However, using “~all” is the same as not having a SPF record in place at all. In other words, “~all” makes only sense while testing the SPF record.

  4. AaronW says:

    I’m setting up my google apps today using Arvixe hosting.
    In reference to the above comments please look at this link:
    As you can see google recommends using the SPF settings Arvand has put in this guide. So you should probably use “~all” and not “-all”.
    Great guide Arvand!

  5. shankar says:

    i did same setting in DNP but still google apps not integrated with DNP. please help me and thanks in advance

  6. thanks a lot mate…
    my service provider was really not helping me out on this and really couldnt get it to work for around three days… but with your tutorial it was piece of cake…
    thanks again…
    if you’d permit id like to republish this post on my blog with dure credit given to the original post…

  7. Hello,

    I completed the tutorial a few hours ago, and still point’s to the arvixe webmail, but docs and calendar points to Google. Am i missing something?

  8. Rob says:

    The spf record has been updated on google’s website:

    It is now:
    v=spf1 ~all

  9. Daniel Paiva says:

    Indeed Arvixe is being the best solution I EVER found. I used godaddy for 10 years, and now I know what is really to be free. Thanks arvixe.

  10. Todd Muskopf says:


    Thanks for this entry–I was having a hard time finding the MX server area in the new cpanel until I found this.

    When I went through the Gmail setup, it gave me MX settings, which I changed, but it didn’t mention anything about CNAME or spf settings. Should those be changed as well?

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