How to Change OpenCart Theme / Template


Today we will show you how to change the default theme of your OpenCart. It is really simple!

Usually the default theme looks like:


Note: Make sure that the template you are trying to use is compatible with your OpenCart version or it will not work.

Warning: Always follow the golden rule and take a backup of your website before making any changes.

– First you will need to upload your theme via FTP or File Manager to the directory /Your_OpenCart_Directory/catalog/view/theme/

– Go to your File Manager >> /Your_OpenCart_Directory/catalog/view/theme/ then click on “Extract” to extract the file.


– Then click “Extract File(s)”


– Now log into your admin URL.

– Go to System >> Settings


– Click on Edit


– Click on the Store tab

– Select your new uploaded template


– You will get a message like the following:


That’s it. Enjoy your new theme. Here is mine:


Note: Some templates/themes have additional steps to do. Usually just simple/easy steps. A read me file should be included to walk you through the process.

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