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Windsor Wallaby is an independent and enthusiastic Zurmo CRM supporter and Open Source contributor. Active on the Zurmo user forums and a regular personality on the weekly Zurmo developer's conference call, Windsor is committed to building helping relationships by Listening, Learning, Doing, and Sharing. Windsor works with Zurmo CRM daily to track business opportunities and contacts. Windsor also integrates Zurmo as a core platform component for in-house and bespoke IT development projects.

Zurmo – Task Collaboration on a Project

Zurmo contains a collaboration feature that can be a highly efficient tool in collaborating with colleagues on projects and project tasks. Collaboration on a project task can be accomplished in …

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Zurmo – Creating a New Project

You’ve come across a new business Project and want to document the details in Zurmo so you can record all of the information and progress on the new Project. Zurmo makes it very …

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Zurmo – Adding Tasks to a Project

Your new business Project needs more definition in the form of specific tasks in order to progress the project to a 100% completed status. Zurmo makes this easy. Let’s get started! …

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