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I am a web programmer currently employed at UCSB. I have been developing web applications professionally for 8+ years now. For the last 5 years I’ve been actively developing websites primarily in PHP using Drupal. I have experience using LAMP and developing data driven websites for clients in aviation, higher education and e-commerce. If you’d like to contact me I can be reached at

Drupal7: Module Weights and Hooks

Upon page load everything in Drupal7 occurs in specific order and this ordering is dependent on a Modules, or Hooks weight. Sometimes if we want to change the default behavior …

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Drupal7: Asset Module, a Media Management Alternative

Continuing to review Media related modules in Drupal7 I have stumbled across the Asset module. It is similar in nature to the Media, Media Gallery or Scald module. You can …

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Drupal7: Scald Module, a Module to Manage Media Assets

While continuing to create Drupal7 websites for clients as it is widely supported with a ton of contributed modules — I have begun to look at the Drupal 8 ecosystem …

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