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I am a web programmer currently employed at UCSB. I have been developing web applications professionally for 8+ years now. For the last 5 years I’ve been actively developing websites primarily in PHP using Drupal. I have experience using LAMP and developing data driven websites for clients in aviation, higher education and e-commerce. If you’d like to contact me I can be reached at

Can a Drupal7 Module Use hook_update_n Instead of hook_install?

Recently I was asked if a module could use hook_update_n and not need to implement hook_install. The developer wanted to alter existing SQL tables accessible by Drupal using the Drupal …

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Drupal7 – Where Can Modules Live?

Modules can live in many places. If you use Apple’s OSX it’s a lot like where Applications and Fonts can live in OSX, or how configuration can be per-user under …

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Drupal Security Notice 2013-003 Optimization

Vendor Supplied Security Enhancements via Htaccess Rules Recently Drupal 7.24 was released. This released included Security Notice SA-2013-003. This notice mentions that malicious files uploaded to a Drupal website’s Files …

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