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I live in the historical triangle of Virginia where I am married with two daughters. I have spent over 13 years working for a Fortune 500 company in the computer area. I started in VB 6.0 and by the time I ended my employment I was supervising a development team where we built many web applications. When my first daughter was born I wanted to spend more time with her so I left and became a programmer analyst for local government as well as launch my own company. Since then I have grown James River Webs into a profitable web design and application company helping small businesses create a big presence on the internet. As an employee I have created web application used by citizens and other companies. I enjoy fly fishing, and spending time with my family. I also enjoy learning new approaches and development tools when it comes to developing applications.

Access Multipart Form Values using MultipartMemoryStreamprovider

In my ongoing articles I have provided a complete example on how to submit Multi-part form data using AJAX. You can see the many articles starting here. This article is …

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Sending Multipart- Form Using AJAX

As part of the continued articles on submitting Multi-part Form using Jquery and AJAX. I have attached the JavaScript part and the web.api part to a project that I have …

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Send Multipart Data without Using HTML5 FormData

In my previous article I discussed the process of building a FormData object and sending it to the server using Jquery. This is great but what if you are building …

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