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Hi I'm Steve, I've been using computers in one form or another since i was 5 with a Dragon 64 and building websites since the late 90's. I'm currently employed as a digital marketing person for Planet X Bikes. When not writing blog posts or working i'm a family man (Wife and Daughter) and a PC Gamer

Editing Site Wide Permissions in ocPortal

I’ve previously written about creating a new usergroup but usually when you are creating a new usergroup you will need to customise the permissions for all of the members within …

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Stopping Spammers in ocPortal

One thing every website has to contend with eventually will be stopping spammers from making your user’s life a misery by constantly posting content or creating loads of work which …

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Converting an ocPortal Gallery to a Carrousel

A task which I do on most sites I build with ocPortal is to convert the existing gallery block display so it displays as a carousel.  Thankfully in ocPortal this …

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