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Hi I'm Steve, I've been using computers in one form or another since i was 5 with a Dragon 64 and building websites since the late 90's. I'm currently employed as a digital marketing person for Planet X Bikes. When not writing blog posts or working i'm a family man (Wife and Daughter) and a PC Gamer

Setting Up Classified Ads on ocPortal

Depending on the purpose behind your ocPortal website, it may be you will want to generate revenue from your site. This could be just enough to cover running costs in …

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Icons, Smiles & Avatars in ocPortal

I wanted to write a bit about adding to and editing some of the peripheral graphics elements within ocPortal. These are namely Icons, Smilies and Avatars. It’s fairly common for …

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Updating the Members Listing in ocPortal

Once your ocPortal Community based site gets to a certain size you might want to improve how your members list is displayed. The standard listing utilizes a list style with …

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