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Hi I'm Steve, I've been using computers in one form or another since i was 5 with a Dragon 64 and building websites since the late 90's. I'm currently employed as a digital marketing person for Planet X Bikes. When not writing blog posts or working i'm a family man (Wife and Daughter) and a PC Gamer

Partner Sites and De-Branding in ocPortal

Although there haven’t been any new patches recently, I wanted to add a few mini tutorials for ocPortal elements which aren’t really large enough to have their own full tutorial …

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Editing Menus in ocPortal

Your primary site menu is how most site visitors will find their way around your website and as such it’s important you are able to edit it to reflect the …

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Explaining the ocPortal Quiz Module

Quizzes in ocPortal have a multiple purposes as they can be used for collecting data or as a fun quiz. They can also be used as part of a giveaway …

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