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I like photography and reading books. Currently working for Arvixe as Elgg Community Liaison. Elgg Security Expert Web Security Expert CEO of UDP SW Social Web

How to Activate Plugins in Elgg 1.8

Enabling plugins in Elgg1.8 is a little bit different now because of the new control panel that comes in this new release. Elgg 1.8 has an Admin and a User …

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How to Increase Character Limit of The Wire in Elgg 1.8

Previously, I wrote a post about how to increase the character limit on the wire. However, due to huge changes in the new version of Elgg just released this week, …

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How to Upgrade to Elgg 1.8

Elgg 1.8 has been released! It comes with new features and a new design. Upgrading can be a difficult process if you do not have a guide, which is why …

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