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Pete Cooper has been using Textpattern since 2005. Textpattern is his preferred CMS weapon of choice. Its logical and flexible approach to content management makes Pete happy, as does its lightweight core and helpful user community. Pete's website - - runs on top of Textpattern and chronicles his day-to-day experiences from his home near the Atlantic in north Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Textpattern CMS conditional tags:

In my previous article, I explained the most important Textpattern CMS conditional tag: `<txp:else />`. Now that’s ticked off, it’s time to get into the details of `<txp:if_individual_article>`. Conditional tags …

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Textpattern CMS conditional tags: an overview

This is the second chapter of my six part series on Textpattern tags. The focus this month is conditional tags. Conditional tags use logic to decide the outcome of a …

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Understanding Textpattern CMS tag

In Textpattern CMS, articles typically comprise of an article title, some article body text and sometimes an article excerpt, perhaps to summarize or provide a call to action. Each of …

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