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I love opensource technologies working with those technologies from the time I have stepped in to the Software Industry. Alfresco CMS is my area of expertise. I have worked on various complex implementations which involved integration of Alfresco with other technologies, extensively worked with JBPM workflows and Webscripts.

Users and User Preferences in Alfresco

In this article we are going to discuss users that are stored in Alfresco CMS. For any CMS, it is equally important to manage users and groups within it along …

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Calculate Site Size in Alfresco

Alfresco share is a collaboration platform on top of alfresco repository. In previous articles we had seen what features it provides. We had also seen some of the customization in …

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Delete JBPM Workflows from Alfresco

Alfresco support JBPM workflows to leverage and streamline business processes. It will increase the security, reduce paper work, allow quick turnaround time, and many more advantages. So, for any organization …

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