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I love opensource technologies working with those technologies from the time I have stepped in to the Software Industry. Alfresco CMS is my area of expertise. I have worked on various complex implementations which involved integration of Alfresco with other technologies, extensively worked with JBPM workflows and Webscripts.

Handle CSRF filter in Alfresco

Alfresco share is collaboration platform built using spring surf on top of Alfresco repository. For communication with Alfresco repository it use datawebscripts. So, all those artifacts of repository needs to …

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Add new Form validation handler

Alfresco share user interface is form based. Where each form consist of multiple fields and for all those different type of fields template is defined. Along with templates there are …

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Manage Search Filters in Alfresco Share

Alfresco share search has been enhanced with the introduction of Solr and Faceted search capability. I have already introduced you to this new feature in my this post. Here I am going …

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