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I love opensource technologies working with those technologies from the time I have stepped in to the Software Industry. Alfresco CMS is my area of expertise. I have worked on various complex implementations which involved integration of Alfresco with other technologies, extensively worked with JBPM workflows and Webscripts.

Status Indicators in Alfresco Share

Alfresco Share was initially launched only for providing collaboration platform on top of alfresco repository but due to its rich User Interface and flexible surf framework it become popular rapidly …

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Scheduled Action in Alfresco

Alfresco provide one great feature which allows you to schedule particular operation so that it will be executed repeatedly after defined time intervals. Many times this kind of requirement comes …

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Geo Tagging for Images within Alfresco

Geo-Tagging of Images means process of adding geographical identification metadata to Images. Whenever any content is being uploaded in to Alfresco it will invoke related Meta-data Extractor within alfresco to …

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