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Hello My Name is Keith Pottratz. I have been working with computers for over a decade. It's my personal hobby something that I love and enjoy doing. I went to school for Computer Science, and have spent many years self teaching my self various things. I have ton's of experience in HTML,CSS, PHPBB,CPanel,CMS software, blogging software and various other systems and enviroments. My favorite thing to do though is backend developing. I find it to be a growing and ever evolving beast and I love learning about it. I look forward to giving as much knowledge as I can and help.

How to Change your Theme in Chevereto

Hello! Today we are going to discuss a new program that is now partnered with Chevereto! What is Chevereto you ask? Well Chevereto is an image hosting software

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How to Manage the “Spiders/Bots” that Come to Your phpBB Forums

Hello everyone, Today we are going to discuss how to manage all of the bots/spiders that come to your forums. So what are bot/spiders you ask? Well it’s really quite …

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