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Hello My Name is Keith Pottratz. I have been working with computers for over a decade. It's my personal hobby something that I love and enjoy doing. I went to school for Computer Science, and have spent many years self teaching my self various things. I have ton's of experience in HTML,CSS, PHPBB,CPanel,CMS software, blogging software and various other systems and enviroments. My favorite thing to do though is backend developing. I find it to be a growing and ever evolving beast and I love learning about it. I look forward to giving as much knowledge as I can and help.

Introduction to HTML and CSS Part 2

Welcome back! Last time we covered a lot of information about HTML. It was very basic information and really sets the standard for what we are going to do today. …

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Introduction to HTML 5 and CSS3

Hello everyone! I am starting a new series for the one who wishes to learn how to use HTML 5 and CSS 3. In this series I will cover the …

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Manage Word Censoring in phpBB

Hello, Making sure that your members follow a strict word censorship policy is important on a forum that is suitable for all ages.  So knowing how to enable word censorship …

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