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Hello My Name is Keith Pottratz. I have been working with computers for over a decade. It's my personal hobby something that I love and enjoy doing. I went to school for Computer Science, and have spent many years self teaching my self various things. I have ton's of experience in HTML,CSS, PHPBB,CPanel,CMS software, blogging software and various other systems and enviroments. My favorite thing to do though is backend developing. I find it to be a growing and ever evolving beast and I love learning about it. I look forward to giving as much knowledge as I can and help.

Getting Started with HubNami

Hello again everyone! Today, we will be talking about HubNami and how to register and get it all set up for use. We will start from registering to setting up …

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New Partnership with HubNami!

Hello fellow Arvixe users! Today I would love to announce a new partnership that Arvixe has with a company called HubNami! We are very pleased to have made this partnership …

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How to Set up your POP3/IMAP Email Account

Hello everyone! Today we are going to discuss how to set up a POP3/IMAP account using Microsoft Outlook 2013. There are a few things that you will need for this:

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