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I started programming when I was 12. I'm a Developer and have been working with the Clip-Bucket script since it came out. I became a Liaison between Arvixe and Clip-Bucket, so I am here to assist you with anything you need regarding Clip-Bucket or any particular computer-related subject you need. Best Regards, Richi

How To Remove the Top Admin Navigation Bar in Clip-Bucket v2.6

Hello, Learn how to remove the top admin navigation links from your Clip-Bucket powered website in seconds! The bar I’m talking about is this one inside the orange frame:

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How to Hide Download Link for X Seconds in Clip-Bucket v2.6

Hello, Somebody in the Official Clip-Bucket Forums asked how they could hide the download link after certain time had passed, so I decided to share this with all of you. Learn how …

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