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I am the author of MODX: The Official Guide and over 30 MODX add-on components. I host Bob's Guides, a source of valuable information for MODX users, and I've been very active in the MODX Forums with over 14,000 posts.

Get TV Values in MODX — The Fast Way

In MODX snippets and plugins, you often need to get the value of a Template Variable for a given Resource. We’ll look at three ways to do this, including a …

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MODX 2.2 CMPs: An Anatomy Lesson

A while back, I wrote an article describing the anatomy of MODX Revolution CMPs. The article was based on the structure of pre-MODX 2.2 CMPs and it still has some …

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Make Things Appear and Disappear without JQuery in MODX

Sometimes, you just want to hide some text until the user clicks on a something. You don’t want any fancy effects and you don’t really need JQuery. Maybe it’s a …

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