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I am the author of MODX: The Official Guide and over 30 MODX add-on components. I host Bob's Guides, a source of valuable information for MODX users, and I've been very active in the MODX Forums with over 14,000 posts.

Get Children’s TV Values in MODX

In the previous article, we looked at several methods to get the TV value for a particular resource. In this one, we’ll see how to get the TV values of …

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Get TV Values in MODX — The Fast Way

In MODX snippets and plugins, you often need to get the value of a Template Variable for a given Resource. We’ll look at three ways to do this, including a …

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MODX 2.2 CMPs: An Anatomy Lesson

A while back, I wrote an article describing the anatomy of MODX Revolution CMPs. The article was based on the structure of pre-MODX 2.2 CMPs and it still has some …

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