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How can I increase deliverability of my mailing list

DISCLAIMER: If you plan on sending unsolicited emails or have bought an “opt-in” list somewhere, the below is not your guide. If any of your visitors are not expecting your …

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How to install LovdByLess in a cPanel Account

LovdByLess is a free open source social networking software. For the purposes of this tutorial I’ve created a cPanel account with the following domain name and username: Domain name: lvl.bee.arvixe.com …

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PHPList Include File Vulnerability

Per http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=5794: PHPList is an open-source newsletter manager. It is written in php. On January 29th 2009 they posted a software update. “[The update] fixes a local file include vulnerability.This …

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