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Anand works as a freelance writer based in Trivandrum, India. Anand runs NetAns, which provides hosting for developers and small scale businesses. He also provides blog installation services. He runs his own blog - and maintains a video portal which publishes videos related to web hosting, windows, social media and other technology related matters- You can follow Anand on twitter - @visualanand

Manage Folders using My Webmail

If you receive plenty of emails then it’s better to separate them into separate folders so that you can access them by selecting the appropriate folder name. For instance, you …

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Manage Address Book using My Webmail

With the help of My Webmail, you can easily store email addresses, which you can make use of while composing an e-mail. (1) Select Addresses option located on the Toolbar …

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Compose Emails with My WebMail

As discussed in the previous article, My WebMail is the recommended web mail system available with WebsitePanel. (1) Login to Webmail dashboard (2) Select Compose button located on the toolbar …

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