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Adrian is an "Enthusiastic Website Junky" and active member of the Concrete5 community. As the operations manager for a midwestern manufacturer, he is responsible for the development and maintenence of several commercial websites. His company, Advertisers Resource Company (AdReCo Media) specializes in creating user friendly websites using the open source CMS Concrete5.

Best Practices for a Faster Concrete5 Website

Let’s review a few “best practices” for a site that performs as well as it looks. A speedy page load time will not only help maintain interest in your site, …

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Manage Members from the Concrete5 Dashboard

Having others available to help manage and edit your site shouldn’t be difficult…and it isn’t! Controlling member access of site resources once they’re signed in is also easy. The following …

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Navigating the Concrete5 File Manager

Learning your Dashboard functions can be a tedious, yet rewarding, task in building a quality Concrete5 website. The following screencast will introduce you to working with the features built into …

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