Setting up a Paypal Testing Environment in PrestaShop

You might want to test your PayPal is correctly setup, before your start selling anything. PrestaShop can run it in Sandbox mode with little effort, let’s see how to.
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Drupal: Display Suite View Modes Example

David G - DrupalRecently I’ve been working with a webshop and immersing myself into their existing workflow for creating Drupal websites. I was brought in on projects which are mostly completed and we were fleshing out remaining pieces of a website or ideas, but by and large the groundwork of most of the website was already designed and implemented as a Drupal subtheme.

In this learning process I was exposed more to how designers create websites and was tasked with trying to create usable sites using Bootstrap, Less and Drupal modules such as Views and Display Suite. One of the designers on the project was having trouble immersing themselves in the Display Suite usage throughout a website. This blog post will highlight the differences between using a basic Views page and implementing the same View page, but leverage DS and view_modes for the same output content on the page. Learn More

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