Get your elgg network started with these four plugins!

Elgg is a script that lets you create your own social network, and it is widely supported. However, there is few documentation about key plugins that will help to boost your social network. In this article I will show you four key plugins that will enhance your elgg site. Learn More

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Custom fonts for Joomla

Phoca Font Component is a Joomla! component. This component adds support for using downloadable fonts in your Joomla site. This component allow us include fonts from Google Fonts directory. Variant or Subset attributes are included. In this article I will explain How to install Phoca Font Component in your Joomla site. Learn More

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Set up “About Us” page for OpenCart store

When shopping online it is important to gain a users trust otherwise they may decide not to buy from your store. One great way to gain trust is by having a properly thought out about us page as it gives a client a chance to get to know who exactly they’re handing over their money to. If you look at some of the famous stores they have shown some of their achievements, their journey to success, what makes them different from other platforms etc…

When you setup your store using OpenCart you will also essentially want to add that information on your store so that customer gain confidence in your new platform by looking at your details. You can list down some of unique features of your store there. Ideally it should be brief introduction about your store. Out of box about us page is blank It looks like below. Learn More

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