Template Report

A MODX Forums user asked for a way to find out which of his many tempMODX logolates were actually in use. Here’s a snippet that will create a report giving the number of pages that use each template, with separate data on published and unpublished resources.




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Understanding Textpattern CMS tag


I’ll say this from the get-go: `<txp:article_custom>` and `<txp:article>` are not the same. They share a bunch of attributes, yes, but they do two different jobs and cannot be simply interchanged/swapped out with one another. There be dragons.

The Textpattern documentation website explains the differences pretty well and rather more succinctly than I can here, so here’s the deal:

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Add new Filter in Alfresco Document Library

Alfresco has a document library which provides an easy to use interface where we can see all files and documents stored within the repository along with other associated actions. With this, users can easily navigate to different documents and files and perform any desired actions such as edit, delete, update and so on. Different types of views are available when viewing the document library.

Out of box available views are as follow.

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