[TomatoCart] Integrate Featured & Sale Banner into Glass Gray Template

In the featured and new products module of bootstrap template, a featured or sale banner will be shown at the left corner of the product that is a special or featured product. Learn More

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Why I Put All MODX Sites in Subdirectories

MODX logoSome people prefer (and will advise you) to put MODX sites in the server’s web root (public_html) whenever possible. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, and it can save you a few steps, but I’m going to argue against it in this article. I’ll also cover how to set up a MODX site in a subdirectory.


Learn More

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Drupal7: Computed Field Module

David G - DrupalI created and maintain a webapp which accepts Applications for a specific Program at my school. If students are interested in attending the summer-time program they must enlist their teachers, counselors and other community advocates to complete a Reference Application advocating their placement into the program. In the existing database structure I was finding it difficult to build a report that shows student applications and if they’ve had 1 submission, 2 submission, are all submissions received, etc. I’ve recently amended the application to make this report and it required I use a Computed Field. Learn More

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