[TomatoCart] – Simple & powerful stacked error handling system

In this article, I will introduce you a simple yet powerful stacked error handling system for your store. If you are a developer, it should be very useful for you to debug your application code. If there is any exception or error thrown in the system , you will see a detailed error message as follow: Learn More

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How to improve your WordPress skills with Javascript (And why?)

WordPress is evolving every day, well every update to be fair, but how can you step ahead of it and make it useful?

According to Matt Mulleweg, WordPress founder, “You need to learn Javascript, and fast.” Learn More

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PHP Kint Debugger

David G - DrupalRecently I was creating a PHP class to help extract fragments of malformed HTML documents. This small project is a work in progress and while using PHPStorm I wanted a simple means to view a nice view of the output of complex PHP variables. I am used to using Drupal’s Devel module to output code to a webpage, and while I’m familiar with debugging tools in PHPStorm I simply wanted a similar tool for barebones PHP script that wasn’t tied to Drupal. Learn More

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