How to add a bar to separate Sticky thread in Xenforo

Today we are going to discuss how to add a bar of separate sticky threads from the rest of your threads.

It’s pretty easy and get’s great results!

So let’s go ahead and log into our Admin CP

Go ahead and navigate to Apperance and then to templates and search for thread_list like so: Learn More

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[TomatoCart] – A responsive and draggable slideshow for bootstrap template

In this article, I will share a responsive and draggable slideshow module with you. It is useful to enhance the user experience in the mobile device. Learn More

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Replace “Howdy” greeting from WordPress Dashboard

Sometimes you build a website for a client that needs some backend customization, he/she will need access and you don’t want to show him anything but a serious backend site.

So “Howdy” shouldn’t be there, no matter how hard you work to get that back end the way you want, if you let the word “howdy” it will look unprofessional.

So how to remove it? Or better yet, how to replace it with a different phrase? Learn More

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