Set up “About Us” page for OpenCart store

When shopping online it is important to gain a users trust otherwise they may decide not to buy from your store. One great way to gain trust is by having a properly thought out about us page as it gives a client a chance to get to know who exactly they’re handing over their money to. If you look at some of the famous stores they have shown some of their achievements, their journey to success, what makes them different from other platforms etc…

When you setup your store using OpenCart you will also essentially want to add that information on your store so that customer gain confidence in your new platform by looking at your details. You can list down some of unique features of your store there. Ideally it should be brief introduction about your store. Out of box about us page is blank It looks like below. Learn More

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How to bypass UpdateExchangeRateTask one hour condition in nopCommerce

If you are a nopCommerce developer and using update currency exchange rates scheduled task in the administration section, you might be aware of the fact that there is a one hour condition in the code. For those who are not familiar, let’s me give you an overview:

Version: nopCommerce 3.60

nopCommerce offers a scheduled task in the administration section where store admin can run this task to update the exchange rates.

Go to: Administration > System > Schedule Tasks Learn More

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Setting up a Paypal Testing Environment in PrestaShop

You might want to test your PayPal is correctly setup, before your start selling anything. PrestaShop can run it in Sandbox mode with little effort, let’s see how to.
Learn More

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