WordPress and Heartbeat performance

In WordPress 3.6, an API was introduced which keeps track and manages sessions as well as posts and pages revisions. This function acts like a pulse or a ‘Heartbeat’ – It requires your server to work slightly more in doing so, making it possible to cause performance issues.

Every pulse is around 95/100 Bytes in size, not much, but, the pulse runs every 15 seconds, so if you have a complex site, that is already using extensively the server the Heartbeat Pulse can add stress to your server.

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Replace Order References with IDs in PrestaShop

If you find it annoying to have Order References with random characters, here is how to take Order IDs back in Prestashop, for customers as well.

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SocialEngine 4: Remove Hi “Username”

Andrew - SocialEngine

When you start to give your Social Network a more custom look, its can be nice to remove the username from the members home page “Hi Username”

To do this simple modifications just follow the simple instructions below. Learn More

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