PHP Kint Debugger

David G - DrupalRecently I was creating a PHP class to help extract fragments of malformed HTML documents. This small project is a work in progress and while using PHPStorm I wanted a simple means to view a nice view of the output of complex PHP variables. I am used to using Drupal’s Devel module to output code to a webpage, and while I’m familiar with debugging tools in PHPStorm I simply wanted a similar tool for barebones PHP script that wasn’t tied to Drupal. Learn More

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Displaying the EAN/JAN barcode in PrestaShop’s product page

In this tutorial we will learn how to display the EAN13 or JAN barcode field in product pages in PrestaShop.

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SocialEngine 4: Fault

Andrew - SocialEngine

When creating a new social networking site with SocialEngine, you might experience an error during the initial install which has been caused by your domain name not routing correctly. Learn More

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