Tips for Separating Content for a better appearance in Concrete5.7

Although proper page layout and a good theme will go a long way in keeping your website organized, it is sometimes difficult to separate differing topics in a manner that is not too time consuming. I have a couple of methods for you to view that make this much easier than you might imaging. Watch the following screen demonstration to see for yourself!
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How to add staff member rank on all member cards in xenforo

Today we are going to discuss how to add member rank on all of the member cards.

It’s quite a simple modification and makes it easier for members to see who is staff and who isn’t.

So how do we do this? Well first we are going to log into our Admin CP and then Appearances and to Templates. From there we are going to search for the following phrase:

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WordPress and Heartbeat performance

In WordPress 3.6, an API was introduced which keeps track and manages sessions as well as posts and pages revisions. This function acts like a pulse or a ‘Heartbeat’ – It requires your server to work slightly more in doing so, making it possible to cause performance issues.

Every pulse is around 95/100 Bytes in size, not much, but, the pulse runs every 15 seconds, so if you have a complex site, that is already using extensively the server the Heartbeat Pulse can add stress to your server.

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